jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2007

Iceland turn-around on commercial whaling?


Despite the Fisheries Minister’s announcement to Icelandic media in August that “There is no reason to continue commercial whaling if there is no demand for the product”, more whales are destined to die in Iceland’s controversial commercial hunt. Via an amendment to the regulation - new regulation, number 822 issued on the 14th of September 2007 - the Minister, Einar K. Gudfinnsson has extended the commercial hunting season until 1st November 2007.

“In this bizarre turn around, the Minister has sanctioned the extension of the commercial whaling season into the start of winter, when weather condition for hunting may further reduce the probably of whales being killed humanely. Now 23 minke whales and 2 fin whales which were left untaken from the 2006/07 commercial quota are once again available for the whalers to hunt. The question is what has prompted this u-turn? It seems unlikely that market has miraculously improved overnight. It is unclear what this may mean for the long term future of commercial whaling in Iceland” said Philippa Brakes, WDCS whaling expert.

According to the Minke Whalers Association, the whaling vessel the Halldor Sigurdsson is readying itself and will go out at the first opportunity to continue the commercial minke whale hunt.

How YOU can help:

Please help us make whaling in Iceland history by emailing the Icelandic Foreign Minister, requesting that Iceland makes a binding pledge to never issue any further quotas for whaling.
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